3 online tools for new medical cannabis patients

Sep 28, 2017 | Industry News, Nest News

While clients report all kinds of benefits of cannabis, there’s a steep learning curve for those navigating the evolving ACMPR system here in Canada. Fortunately, tech innovators are creating helpful tools to make it easier.

Use a tracking app

Strainprint is a Canadian-made iPhone/Android app designed for clients trying to find the right methods, varieties and doses that work for them. After setting up a profile describing what you’re treating, activate the app before medicating. You’ll be prompted to select the level of severity of the symptoms you want relief from. With notifications on, you’ll be prompted after to update on your symptoms. The app tracks this data so that, with time, you’ll have a strong sense of how various strains and methods of ingestion work for you. Bonus: use the app and collect rewards that can go toward cool prizes!

Set up Google Alerts

New research investigating the effects of cannabis seem to come daily, but it can be difficult to stay on top of all of the news specific to your own condition. Google Alerts is an easy-to-use program that searches for newly published articles on topics you specify (eg. “cannabis” AND “chronic pain”), and will deliver those articles directly to your email inbox. But be on the lookout for quality. While Google filters out low-quality results, be sure to stick to peer-reviewed, university-backed studies and official sources before drawing conclusions about medical cannabis use.

Join online communities

Some clients report feeling uncomfortable talking about cannabis with friends and family because of stigma. Others say they want to find others seeking relief with cannabis from the same symptoms. Fortunately, there are warm, welcoming communities and forums on social media that are well-moderated by empathetic administrators. Try searching for terms like “ACMPR” on Facebook to find fellow patients who have been in your shoes. And follow Peace Naturals on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! We’d love to meet you!

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