Medicinal Cannabis Oils

Peace Naturals Project was the first company to receive a medicinal cannabis oil license from Health Canada. Our oil tinctures are made from a proprietary, ethanol-free CO2 extraction method using the same cultivars as our dried flower offerings that is then blended with MCT oil. All our oil tinctures do not go through any secondary processing, which ensures the natural balance of the plant is maintained across all our cannabis oils. Our custom-built extraction facility enables us to maintain the natural balance of the plant while still producing pure cannabis oil tinctures. During the process, we use to make each of our strain-specific oil products, the cannabinoid and terpene ratios are kept proportional to those in our dried flower offerings.

How do I consume
my cannabis oils?

Peace Naturals offers activated, strain-specific, and blended cannabis oil products that are ready to ingest straight from the bottle. The final cannabinoid concentrations of our oils directly correlate to the concentrations of the dried flower strains that we use to make them. For Peace Naturals tincture oils, 8ml of our medical cannabis oils is equivalent to one gram of dried cannabis; meaning that the total 20ml volume of one bottle of cannabis oil is equivalent to 2.5g of dried cannabis flower.

Note: cannabis oils can take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours following ingestion before clients experience the onset of effects. When using cannabis oils, effects have been known to last up to eight hours. Please note our cannabis oils are only for ingestion, not for vaping.


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