Just released: Strain-specific cannabis oils from Peace Naturals

Nov 10, 2017 | Peace News

Peace Naturals is excited to announce the launch of strain-specific cannabis oils starting with Dancehall – containing 9.23 mg/ml of THC and 14.8 mg/ml of CBD.


To coincide with this launch, we reduced the price and size of our oil bottles so that patients have the opportunity to sample a wider variety of products.

Our new strain specific cannabis oils do not require any secondary refinement using harsh solvents like alcohol. This means that the natural balance of the plant is kept intact and that the cannabinoid and terpene ratios are proportional to our dried flower. This is important for the “entourage effect,” which describes the concept that all cannabis compounds work together synergistically to yield the desired therapeutic effect. 

Peace Naturals has also switched to a pharmaceutical-grade MCT carrier oil for all of our new oil products.

Dancehall $55/20ml

Clients report that this 1:1 THC | CBD variety gives them a happy, vibrant outlook and has a balanced, stimulating mental impact. Patients suggest that Dancehall generates a slightly weightless body effect that puts a spring in your step. THC: 9.23% CBD: 14.8%

When trying cannabis oil for the first time, always consult with your healthcare practitioner and start slowly using small increments. There is currently no scientifically defined dose for any specific medical condition, and effects remain individualized. Our existing patient feedback suggests an approximate initial dose of 0.25ml, allowing for at least two hours for the onset of effects. If the initial 0.25ml is insufficient, increase your intake gradually as needed by 0.25ml increments every two hours until you have determined the correct dosage.

As a result of our new process, we have also changed our equivalency factor to better reflect the amount of dried flower we use to make each bottle of cannabis oil. It’s important to note that equivalency factors do not take into account the stronger effects associated with ingesting oil products. As a result, Peace Naturals strongly discourages patients from relying on equivalency factors for dosing decisions.

Stop using cannabis oil and consult your healthcare practitioner right away if you begin to experience any negative side effects. For more information, please contact our Client Care team at 1-888-64-PEACE (73223).

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