Peace Natural’s Guide to Managing Seasonal Depression

Jan 20, 2020 | Nest News, News - Featured, Peace News, Trending

Managing your mental well-being during the holiday season is much more difficult than ever. Work becomes busier at this time of the year and as we transition into a harsh winter, it can be difficult to be functional due to weather conditions. With factors like the decreased sunlight from daylight savings time and the temperature dropping, it can be hard to get outside for fresh air and become motivated. In anticipation of the mental pressures ahead of this holiday season, we prepared a list of ways you can evade what’s known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the holidays

Sleep Enough Hours

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Sleep deprivation  a main cause for mood changes. Your best chance at increasing your mood for a full day is reliant on how many hours of sleep you attain. Its best practice that you go to sleep at an adequate time in the evening, set alarm clocks or try napping sparingly throughout the day. 

Be Selective with Whom to Spend Time With

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Often times we may need a secured person for emotional support. The key is to choose the people that are supportive and make you feel good. Spending time with family members or anyone close to you that you appreciate can help get you into the right headspace

Drink More Water

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Eliminating caffeine can help decrease triggering anxiety. Caffeine often mimics the feeling of being anxious and increases your heart rate , leaving your body to crash afterwards. Limiting coffee and increasing the amount of water you drink isn’t just a healthier physical solution; it can also help with higher brain functionality.

Get Enough Light

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Exposing yourself to more light helps regulate your circadian rhythm and balances your sleeping and eating schedule. Getting enough natural light can also keep your mind and body energized and avoids depression.

Stick to a Routine

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Maintaining a routine can ensure that you are always in control. It is crucial that you stick to a routine that benefits you so that any disruptions that may arise, you are mentally prepared to centre yourself when you start to feel more anxious.

Combating SAD means making sure your professional and social environments remain in-tact. It becomes easier to fall under the pressures of this season, so preparing with our guide is a great way to work on mental stability. 


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