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Peaceful Inspirations

Age: 30-59
Location: Central Canada
Ailments: Pain

Tammy’s Story

My journey began thirteen years ago when I fell down a flight of stairs. I was laid up for a month or so, as you can imagine. During this time, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Porphyria Cutanea Tarda, symptoms of neuropathy in my lower legs and Vertigo – took over my life, stopping me in my tracks. Previous to the fall, I was working full time while raising two amazing children and supporting the family alongside my wonderful husband. Our lives were perfect in so many ways. I was very active with my children; going for walks, riding bicycles, rollerskating, daily aerobics, etc. After the fall, our lives changed forever.

Your Previous Non-Cannabis Treatment Options
Through the first five years or so, I tried so many different types of medications. Nothing took away my pain completely without grounding me to my bed because my mind was so foggy that I couldn’t be at all productive. Soon I found a regimen that was somewhat effective and didn’t prevent me from still having somewhat of a life. I still wasn’t sleeping much and needed crutches to walk short distances and a wheelchair for long shopping trips, for instance. My doctor kept suggesting that I try medicinal marijuana but the stigma of it scared me away for a long time. A friend of ours gave me a piece of Cannabis caramel to try. Hesitantly, I took it. To my surprise, I slept solid for seven hours straight, flat on my back. When I woke, I felt more energetic than I had in quite some time. So I thought, why not? if it’s going to work like this. I just won’t tell anyone for fear of social judgement.

Your Experiences with Medical Cannabis
My doctor was really excited about filling out the forms for me. Once processed by Peace Naturals, I was ready to order. But, I was so lost about any of the varieties of Cannabis. I didn’t even know there were different types. The people that I talked to at Peace Naturals were so helpful. I felt respected and by the time I hung up, I was way more knowledgeable.

I was excited about getting started. I ordered some Cupid and some Nina. Within three days my order had arrived. The same day I made my butter using Cupid, via recipes online – so that I could make some sugar cookies. It was easier than I thought it would be. Later that night, about an hour before bedtime, I ate half of a cookie. Half an hour later, I ate the other half. Within twenty minutes, I was out cold. I slept solid for nine hours! My bladder is mean and woke me once through the night but I had no problem falling back asleep quickly.

The next day, I made the butter from my Nina Cannabis. When I eat one of those cookies, I have an energy spike, which is much needed throughout the day, and my pain level drops considerably. It’s almost as though I can feel a calming wave flow through my body, easing my painful muscles and joints. My energy level increases as well. The best part is that I don’t have an upset tummy nor the dreaded foggy brain that I get whenever I take other medicines. And yes, Cannabis is a natural medicine. Although I do still use the crutches and the wheelchair, I move much quicker than I was. I have new hope that one day, I just might be able to walk freely without any aide. That is my goal!

What advice would you offer to people just starting out on this journey?
My advice to people who are just beginning this journey into the Cannabis world would be to relax and let the people at Peace Naturals walk you through it. They are so knowledgeable about so many things. I’ve come up with some really wacky questions but not once did they make me feel dumb for asking them. When they don’t know the answer, they’ll find the answer and get back to you. So take a deep breath, pick up the phone, call Peace Naturals and let them guide you to your new life with less pain and more energy. Congratulations, you have arrived at your newer, more improved life.

What do you hope to see happen with the future of Medicinal Cannabis in Canada?
In the future, I’m hoping that more people with chronic pain will not fear Cannabis due to the stigma attached to it. I’m hoping that they follow my lead and step into a new way of thinking. I’m hoping that all doctors will recommend Cannabis to their patients instead of pushing pill after pill, that only cause more havoc in the human body than Cannabis ever could.

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